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The world is going faster with time. The faster is the time running; the security breaches are being more and more technology-oriented. The time is long gone for the night watchmen and the gatemen. It would help if you had security 24/7, which is not humanly possible.

So, technological magic happened, and now we have the latest security system with amazing features. Without a perfect IT service, your security is in trouble nowadays. You cannot possibly monitor everywhere all the time. It is not competent to sit all day long to check for your protection as well. However, technological advancement showed us the way where we do not need to worry about the physical presence of security.

The whole world is facing the security issue and offices or business organizations are always on an alarm. The main answer to disposing of this issue is to set up a security framework around your office or workplace. There are bunches of security frameworks that are accessible in the market. Each security framework has extraordinary highlights and is of various usefulness that suits your prerequisites.

A better security system has IT involvement. Not just the security breaches, IT services are needed for some other segments related to the security breaches as well. 

What Kind of IT Service Do I Need?

Security Component

Every business has a technological aspect nowadays. It is highly acceptable that no business can be run in this era without the help of technology. Keeping with that, people are using technology for the security of the company. There are layers of security components, depending on the business. 

•    CCTV Camera

Nowadays, every office is under the surveillance of the CCTV camera. It is cost-effective, easy to use and works for 24/7

•    Sensor

There are a lot of usages of sensors in the businesses and offices nowadays. If you think about the entrance, regular attendance, or authorization, you need to have the automated sensory system for every segment. There are also lift and firewall sensory system as well. 

Software Usage

You must need an adequate software system to make sure everything in your office is working correctly and thoroughly. In some offices, there are confidential issues like advertisements, strategies, employment history, and so on. Some companies use software to plan out their business strategies and take history information to protect any malicious threats from their business system. 

Network Issues

The central information transportation system of a company is the internet and networks. There have been several types of research on cisco, oracle, and so many other companies they are developing the IP versions and switch so that any malicious attacks do not breach into the database system. 

IT Support

Every company must rely on technology and the internet to store their precious data. Computers and other peripherals can sometimes act wrong or weird. Therefore, you must need IT support. The software interface can sometimes be a little tricky to manage and operate. 

IT support has the best idea of how the software and other stuff might work out well. 

Why Is Security Important?


Your business is your asset. There is no other option instead of saving it. You cannot just ignore the safety of the prime asset of yours. Safety always comes first whenever you are thinking about the office or business.

History Checking

With the latest security technology, you can check up with the footage that happened previously. So, if you ever face an unwanted situation, you still can investigate the whole case and find out what exactly happened at that specific time.

Behavioral Segments

You can always monitor the employees or the designated individuals in this modern era of securities. It happens a lot of times that so many people act differently when they are alone or have freedom. It is quite impossible to monitor these indifferences between the employees. With the right security service, you can check up on anyone in the office.


Affording a security man or gateman would be way more costly than having the automated security system. Once you are done with the set up for the whole security system, the only extra costing you will be needing is the maintenance. It is highly effective and cost-reductant as well.

Why Will You Choose Us?

Experienced and User-Centric Service

We have been working with the IT support for the automated security system for around a decade for now. We have worked with different kinds of people and their needs. It is quite evident that different kinds of individuals or organizations require the other type of security system. We understand this, and we are happy to provide you the requirement-based solution.

In house Development

We have our development team to set up your whole security system. 

Authentic Component

SMIL is operating its security system business for a long time, and we provide genuine components for the service. We also import products from various countries and vendors. We offer free consultation and service-related advisories for customer convenience.


All the security system needs to be maintained for the time being. Every six months to one year, you need to check for your security system. We offer this maintenance service for every client. We provide the first maintenance at a discounted rate.

24/7 Support

We have the customer support service 24/7 for any kind of security issue. Our dedicated engineers and workers are working continuously to provide better customer service.

Frequently asked Questons

There is a different kind of components in this segment, and you can select your option from the various selections. We provide a varied range of packages as well.

You can simply give us a phone call or an email. You can also visit our office on any working day to discuss your security issues or plans.

 Yes, we are authorized importer of the security components. We can bring any kind of security components from your selections and prerequisites.