Export and Import

Businesses are based on services and products. Whenever you are trying to start a construction business or looking for better and practical materials for your usage, you need to look for better resources.

Different places are enriched with different kinds of resources. Some of the resources are natural resources, some of them are quality service resources, and some of them are just developed resources. If you think about Bangladesh, we are highly flourished with forest, gas, land, and fisheries resources, which are all-natural resources. On the other hand, we lack in some other resources as well.

Let’s say you require constructional material resources. A lot of constructional material can be found in our area, and you can just use the funds to finish your projects. What if you get better constructional elements at a cheaper rate? That might interest you to look for the providers.

On the other hand, you might have a lot of resources that can be used by some other countrymen for their purposes, and they are willing to pay you a better amount than the local market. Sounds good, right?

In both cases, you are being benefited, and the main reason behind it is the export and import service. The import and export service is not a new term in the business world. People are exporting and importing goods from the very beginning of the business world, and they have quite the proper reason behind it.

We are SMIL, a construction firm, and we understand this significant value of importing and exporting constructional goods. We have been authorized importer and exporter of construction goods for a long time, and we are still serving people with the best materials. We do care about your needs for better-quality constructional material, and we are always dedicated to provide you the best service.

Why Will Import and Export Service Interest You?

If you are into construction material based business or you need to have the materials for your construction projects, you will always want the best quality materials. Whenever we think of construction, we think of longevity. The products might be a bit expensive in your area or maybe not up to the mark. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for the more expensive and not up to the mark products. You can always select the best value materials from anywhere and import them. It will save both your money and effort. It will also provide your better-quality materials. 

Construction materials are quite crucial for obvious reasons. The proper construction materials can be gotten from anywhere in the world, depending on the necessities and costing. Even the local producers can be highly effective for the production of constructional goods. 

A resourceful land can be a useful production place for any kind of export business chances as well.

A Few Of Our Work Samples 

Why Will You Choose Us For Exporting or Importing?


SMIL is providing export and import service to the people who are in need of around 39 years by now. We know the market situations and faced different phases from time to time. Wherever we find the scope to help the people, we hopped in. In this long period, we achieved a lot of great testimonials from different clients, and we are still going in an unparalleled motion.

Market Trends

As an experienced firm, we research our markets in every possible way. We try to figure out the best possible material that is trending on the market right now. Now and then, alternative and more effective materials are coming in the market, and we believe that following the market trends with keeping your customer’s requirements is way more effective than selecting the default materials.

Production Selection

We know what you exactly need for your constructional works or which material will suit the environment. We also consider the underlying preferences of our beloved customers. 

Paperwork Minimization

Whenever people think about export or import materials, and in a good lot amount, the first thing that come to their mind is how can I settle the paperwork in a short period. The customs and taxes can be problematic for so many reasons. We are here to solve this problem. With years of experience, we know how to minimize the paperwork and how to work smoothly with the shipments as well.

Lower Shipping Cost

Here is another thing that the exporters or the importers need to think about. The shipping cost can be way more than the original products sometimes. Depending on the quantity and the distances, the shipping cost can vary. SMIL can help big times in this part. As we are exporting and importing products for years, we are familiar with the shipment costs. Depending on your budget, we can fix the best shipment procedure for you.

Maximum Amount Product 

You name the material; we can ship it. We ship and export products from almost every country. The incredible thing is we can export or import any amount you want. With the specification of the material and quantity of your equipment, we can ship the content within two weeks.

Trusted Representative 

We have our representatives in different countries, and they have been helping us with the importing and exporting materials for a long time. They also provide their selections, and suitable materials form their area.

Potential Client Base

Whenever you are planning to start exporting products, you need to reach the probable clients. How can you reach the clients if you don’t even know the business procedures or the people in general? That’s why we are here. We try to connect the possible clients with the uprising exporters. So many individuals are exporting and importing products with our help, and they are doing pretty good by themselves.

Benefits of Import and Export Services

Cost Reduction

If you can select the best material for your project, you are going to save a lot of money. The most suitable content would be in your budget. If it is expensive in your local market, you can easily import it from cheaper places.

Brand Value

You can create your brand value by importing the latest and effective materials from anywhere. There always is a need for better-quality materials.

Latest Products

The latest products are always updating. They have the newest technological feature; they have brand value. The most important thing is they have the attention of the customers in a broader range. With importing or exporting the latest product, you will be helping people. 

Quality and Quantity

The quality issue of the product or the quantity issue of the product can be easily solved by importing or exporting the material. If you cannot have the document with quality, you can quickly get it by introducing it. The same goes for the quantity.

On the other hand, if you have original quality material, exporting can be a great business.


Alternative products should be there when they need it. There is a lot of alternative constructional material that are helping people for a long time. You can trade the better constructional alternatives through exporting or importing.

Resource Utilization 

Different kinds of lands have different types of resources. There might not be the need for extra material in a particular area, yet the property or other resources can be used to make more materials. If you have the need, you can easily export your material from the places where it is cheaper or import the product where the demand is at a higher level.

 We ship from almost every country from the world.

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