One dream home, high-rise building, factory, or any kind of construction needs proper planning. In the long term, a well-planned development will be your prime asset. You might be saving up for a long time for your dream house, or maybe you need to work on road construction; everything needs planning. 

Only after proper planning, you can start working on your projects. For the best planning and architecture service in Bangladesh, you might need to check for the best quality engineers and individuals alongside the prominent workforce that will be your trustworthy companion for the construction.

Why Do You Need Planning?

Every construction comes with a lot of obstacles and challenges that can only be overcome with excellence and experience. A lot of clients do not get what they want just because they cannot find a trustworthy team of individuals who are also skilled and experienced in the field of construction planning and architecture.

Your building, factory, or roadside construction will last according to the planning and the architectural magic. Proper planning does include not only just the sustainable design and the ground-breaking innovation but also the material selection, feasibility research, cost estimation, and a lot of other segments that a client seldom forgets and later gets in trouble for sudden intervals. Without proper planning that will include all the necessary components, you might get your project done, but that will not be the one that you were dreaming of.

You can easily understand the importance of well-researched planning, which includes every segment and requirements, are being covered. You are risking a lot with some individuals, and you must be concerned about the selection, right? Here is your solution.

  1. Mahmood International Limited is working for around 39 years and often helps people with situations like this. We understand your dream and your limitations, as well. We helped a lot of clients with their construction with our highly skilled team with proper suggestions and planning. With the right direction and simplifying client requirements, we have achieved the place as the best planning and architecture service provider in Bangladesh.

A Few Of Our Work Samples 

Why Will You Choose Us?

Customer Oriented Service

SMIL works in a customer-oriented structure. Instead of brainstorming by ourselves, we invite our valued clients to join in the discussion and make sure their requirements are getting fulfilled in every possible way. End of the day, it is our customers who will be using the construction which will be done by us. We don’t consider these tasks as a project but as a dream project. We are here to listen to every single requirement and work of you accordingly. The journey will be the same for both of us.


Every client is different, and we ensure that their different criteria get into the final design and further outcomes. We provide consultations to our valuable customers before getting into the project. Every model, planning, or pre-requisites have a simple, yet considerable amount of discussion point. As an experienced construction firm, we understand the value of a single meeting with the client. 

We provide the best solution within your budget and the proper consultation before the project. Selection will always be our client’s choice, but our experienced consultants, engineers, and developers are always ready to provide the best consultation possible for any project.

Site Survey

For a clearer design pattern for your structure, our dedicated team of architects goes for the site survey as soon as the consultation is done. A complete survey of your area will help us to know your expectations and our responsibilities. We have the latest technology for site surveying, and our young and talented team have years of experience in this field.

Soil Testing

Your construction needs to be as strong as your dream. In order to ensure that we provide soil testing service right after the site survey. We possess the highly functioning equipment to test the soil. Different lands have a different level of tolerance layers, and we try to set up the structure according to the soil test result. 


Cost Estimation

We provide a fairly reasonable and possible cost for the whole planning phase for you. This includes all the side plans that you will need for the construction. We also provide consultations for the budget-friendly structures and the affordable designs according to the client’s requirements.

BNBC Approved Master Planning

Proper planning is all you need to have before starting your construction project. We start from the draft and gradually get into the master plan in several steps. Thought planning requires a lot of time and effort; our dedicated team is always up for innovative and effective planning. We have a highly skilled team just to provide the gradually improved plans for our valuable clients. We always provide the BNBC approved planning as we are working for a long time. We also make sure that the project gets approval from the authorities.

Building Code and Constructional Law

We all know that the building code and the constructional laws are quite unfamiliar to a majority of the population as they are not directly connected to the procedure. We provide our clients with a clear and authentic building code and law ideas to get started with the project. The land and the construction need a balanced law cycle, and that can be confusing and hard to understand sometimes. SMIL makes it clear to our clients and makes them feel secure in every possible way.

Plan Approval

Now you don’t have to run and fro to get approval for your plans. We, SMIL, make sure your lawful plan gets its approval in the shortest period. We are working for the law-abiding clients and we have been helping them to approve the plans for a long time by now. We can assure your plan approval as long as you have the lawfully corrected plans.

3D Modeling and Structure Planning

We are experienced with the latest technology and research material regarding the best architectural services. As soon as we get the approval, we start to work on the 3D modeling for the building structure. We use Autodesk Maya, Houdini, and the latest 3D modeling software to get you a visualized design for your dream structure.

Plumbing And Electrical Planning

We provide the best plumbing and electrical planning alongside total structural planning as well. We make sure that the whole planning phase goes smoothly, and every plan gets its approval. Plumbing planning requires all kinds of water supply designs and waste removal designs. This is one of the vital parts of any kind of building construction. On the other hand, the electrical connections and the placements of the relationship are also one of the primary concerns. Our experienced engineers will help you with plumbing and electrical planning. We also provide the solution and material for constructions.


We provide the documentation for every step that you are going with us. You can quickly check and verify any steps if you want.

Benefits of A Proper Architectural Planning 

Secured Structure

You are planning for a secured construction, don’t you? If you need your construction to be secured, you need the strongest structure to start with. Proper planning will provide you the assurance of the secured structure.

Plan Approval

You need to have the plan approved by the authority in order even to start the construction. Only a government-approved plan will be accepted. You need to have the plans according to the building code and the respective laws for the construction. 


A well-structured plan will leave you with a long-lasting construction that will serve you way longer than a poorly planned construction. A well-planned structure is saved from a lot of unwanted obstacles. You never want to face any of that.  


BNBC stands for Bangladesh’s national Building Code. The Bangladesh building research institute provides it in 3 volumes.

Yes, we provide free consultations for our valuable clients even before they get started with a project.

No, you need to have a fully structured plan to get approved by the authority.

You need to have the whole structure planned before you get to start with the construction. This is a valid law from BNBC.

Yes, you need to approve all the plans in order to start the construction. Luckily, we provide the plan approval service if your plan is lawfully corrected.

Yes, you can just visit our office and have a general discussion with our team members about your projects.