When you are thinking of the Construction, there will be a lot of questions from you. Can the construction service cover up all my requirements? Can they finish the project in due time? Can they provide the best material? Is the service way too expensive for me? These all are valid questions, and you need to have satisfying answers for all. 

Construction service itself covers a lot of segments in just two words. There are a lot of responsibilities and important tasks that come with the construction service. From the pre-construction project management phase to ongoing construction planning and execution phase, every single job is under construction service. Even after the construction is done, there is a post-construction phase where you can have all the segments checked up by the service providers. There are power supply security, ventilation, water system, plumbing system, site safety, building permit collections, and so more.

Adding to your surprise, these are not all the segments that need to be covered. There are more and let us make you go through the specific sections that you might have overlooked. 

Ideas About Construction Service 

Your dream house or building will be your primary asset, and you need to have the most possibly effective and long-lasting construction work for it. You need to be very careful about the total Construction because once you have invested a lot amount of money and effort in the Construction and it turns out to be an unplanned and unsecured construction, you might be in trouble. 

In this overly expanded constructional era, you might get dazzled to see a different kind of designs and structures of the buildings. Your Construction needs the perfect planning, and according to the plan, it needs to be constructed with experienced civil engineers, excellent materials, and of course, with dedication. The construction work should not be misunderstood with just the slab casting or the fibrous structure. It is way more than that, and sometimes you might not be even aware of the full procedure of the construction phase.

We are S. Mahmood International Limited, a reputed construction firm that has been serving clients like you for 39 years by now. With the considerable experience of construction of buildings, bridges, roads, and other government projects. We would be more than happy to serve you in this long and remarkable journey of your life. Our dedicated service made us one of the best construction firms in Bangladesh. 

A Few Of Our Work Samples 

Why Will You Choose Us?

Structure Planning and Pre-Construction Procedures

SMIL will never start your project without a proper pre-construction procedure. We follow a strong ethic according to the appropriate construction law just to make sure the safety and longevity of the Construction. We make sure the planning is approved by the authority, and the plan works for the specific location as well. We make sure every kind of building permits that need to be incorporated with the construction project is fully permitted and has authorized signature with them. We also calculate the risk factor in this phase just to be aware of any kind of obstacles that might come in the way while constructing.


We are a well-known construction firm, and we provide all kinds of building material at a reasonable price to our clients. However, clients have the full authority to choose the material by themselves. We provide the best quality building material just to make sure the Construction gets the proper treatment. Different kind of Construction requires the other type of building material, and our experienced engineers do that for the clients. 


The first phase of the whole construction work would be the foundation, and we are pretty much concerned about the fact as you are. We make sure the foundation gets the perfect raw material, and the depth is quite ideal for the whole Construction.  

Scheduled Tasks 

We also create a fully functional timeline for the whole project and divide them into categorized parts to make sure everything gets done at the expected time. We also distribute the tasks into responsible individuals who will be taking care of the categorized tasks in a reliable manner.

Plan wise Structure

After the foundation is done, we proceed to the structural segment of the Construction. The total structural work will go according to the permitted plan. We have dedicated managers who coordinate the workers and responsible individuals regularly and monitor every single task. 


Building safety is one of our prime concerns, and we never negotiate with anything for that. Any kind of natural calamities or obstacles that can be a question for building security. It also involves the ongoing construction phase, as well. We make sure of the safety of the entire construction site and every people working on the project. 

Civil Engineers Involvement

From the very beginning of the Construction, our reliable and experienced civil engineers will be present in every segment of the Construction. They will be monitoring the whole project and involve wherever they are assigned and needed.

Regular Meeting with the respective Individuals

After the construction work starts, we manage the daily meeting schedules with our engineers, contractors, suppliers, managers, and other responsible individuals properly. Our clients are also involved in a few meetings where necessary and sensitive decisions must be made. We believe regular meetings can solve a lot of unwanted situations that might happen in the construction site.  

Costing Documentation

We always maintain the costings logs just to be clear about the whole expenses, and we inform our clients regularly about the costs that are being made. Any kind of future costs that might be needed in the long run are also included in the cost log, and the clients will also be aware of that.

Slab Casting

After the structural phase is done, we start with the slab casting. With proper material and enough equipment, we make sure your roof and your floor are perfect for the future. 

The Ventilation Structures

Without a proper ventilation system, the work of Construction remains unfinished. We separately make sure that every floor and every room is equipped with an appropriate system of ventilation, and we also provide the necessary components that might be needed for the ventilation.

Taking Care Of Construction Disputes

You never know what kind of disputes will come in the way of the Construction. SMIL is always prepared for any type of unlawful acts or conflicts that might happen to the construction site. We take care of illegal and unethical acts from any individual in secure hands.

Ensuring Project Quality

We make sure of the total project quality in terms of structural designs, building security, feasibility, and efficiency. 

Finish Material

We provide and install the finish materials such as tiles, plaster, and others to give the final touch of the Construction. Just to make sure of the cost efficiency, we try to make the expenses a little less than the market. We try to make our clients happy till the last of the construction work.

Benefits of A Proper Constructional Service

Of course, an appropriate constructional service will provide you the best structural Construction. A well-planned construction is all you need to have for your future. A team of experienced individuals can make quite a change for your dream home or building. If the perfect methods can be applied, your constructions can be used in total efficiency. Space can be tricky, and it can also be misused if not treated well. An excellent construction service will make enough space and optimized usage for them.

Your prime asset comes with security issues. That can be life risks, which can be economic risks that even can be a socio-economic situational risk as well. However, proper construction will make you secured from all those situations.

A well-planned construction will leave you in a home. Maybe this is the most desired benefit you want. Nothing is better than a secured roof over your head.

It is no hidden truth that Construction costs a lot of money. Even more straightforward construction requires you a lot. It is always a better option to spend the money wisely. A proper construction service will save you from unwanted expenses and utilize the best from your budget.


In most cases, No. It can be slightly changed depending on the authority approvals.

Yes, depending on the project cost, you need to make an advance to start the project.

 We are the importer of the building material in a bulk amount, and we make sure the contents are up to the market standard.

No, all the expenses will be collected singly. The payment can be made in the steps, but all the phases are into one single service.

Yes, of course. As long as your plan is lawfully corrected and all the permissions are granted, you are welcome to take our services.