ABC Electronics

The world is running too fast, and we seldom need to run faster to cope up. The machinery and the usages of the devices getting more apparent day by day, and when you are thinking of mechanism and connectivity, you know the vital component. 

Yes, we are talking about electricity. Think about a single hour without electricity. It doesn’t matter if it’s the business hour of yours or you are relaxing at your home. You cannot possibly function appropriately without flawless electricity, and for that, you need experienced and reliable Electrical engineers who can provide the maximized effective solution. Among a lot of electrical licenses, ABC Electric License is one of the outstanding licenses that is highly acceptable in Bangladesh. 

We are SMIL, and we understand this prime need of the population.  It doesn’t matter If you are a professional electrician or maybe you require a licensed electrician, we are here for you. We Provide an incredibly effective solution for your needs.  

What is ABC Electric License?

Now let’s talk about ABC Electric License. This is a professional license which is highly accepted throughout the globe. This is an Electrical Supervisor License, which means you can have a professional supervisor license and jump right into the professional career. 

Any kind of electrical works, projects, or designs require professional certifications and licensed individual. This license can boost up your work experience and skillsets.

Why Do You Need ABC Electric License?

Professional License

ABC Electric License is a supervisor level license. This will provide you enough course material to work as an electrical professional. As an electrical work enthusiast, you must be interested in the bright ideas for the workload and required skillsets that might be necessary for the long run.

Business Expansion

You can always expand your contracture business with a professional license. As a licensed contractor, you also need the ABC electric license.  

As a contractor, you need to deal with a lot of things. An electrical license that also provides a professional supervisor level of authority is just your bonus point. From all your selections, electrical management and design can always be an excellent and complicated deal. You just need to have the professional level skillset and, of course, the authorization capability.

If you are just a professional electrician, you need to sharpen your skill set. You need to work more and get your recognition, as well. 

License Rental

You can also rent the license to the professional individual for the business. If your organization or workshop has the permit, your selected individual can always be benefited from the license. The rental can provide an excellent economic benefit to you as well. 


The most fantastic thing about the license is works opportunities. The maximum level of work opportunities will be the maximum level of experience for you. You will get to work with a variety ranges of people, and that’s how you will be able to get your skills to sharpen. It is kind of evidence that as much as you will work, your skillset will be much better. The ABC Electrical License will provide you the scope to work with your maximum potential. 

Categories of ABC Electrical License 

The types of the ABC Electrical License will directly reflect on the usage of the current-voltage. 

High Range

Individuals will be able to work with 440-450V or more.

Medium Range

Individuals will be able to work with 220V to 440V.

Low Range

Individuals will be able to work with a maximum range of 220V.

SMIL does not only help individuals with the licensing, but also possess the three categorized license by ourselves for the projects.

Who Are Eligible for The ABC Electrical License?

There is a list of people who can apply for the ABC Electrical License. 

  • Electrical Engineers with one year of experience
  • Mechanical Engineer with three years of experience
  • Naval Engineer with three years of experience
  • Civil Engineer with five years of experience
  • Diploma Electrical Engineer with five years of experience
  • Chemical Engineer with three years of experience
  • Contractor 
  • Electrical trainee
  • Automobile Diploma Engineer with five years of experience
  • Architecture with three years of experience

What Are the Study Materials for The ABC Electric License?

  • Motor 
  • Transformer
  • Structural Wiring 
  • Switchgear
  • Transmission 
  • Distribution
  • Power factor meters 
  • Alternating Current
  • Commercial calculation
  • Conductor and sizing 
  • Protection methods
  • Raceway
  • NEC calculation
  • Capacitance 
  • Induction

Why Will You Choose SMIL For ABC Electric License

Three Categorized Licensed Organization

It does not matter what kind of electrical work you need to have, we are here to help you. We possess the three of the categorized licenses by ourselves for the high demand of works and we easily can provide the maximized effective solution.

Free Consultation

SMIL provides free consultation for anyone who takes the step for the ABC Electric License and reaches to us. We do not care about the skillset or the experience level. We want to help anyone enthusiastic about this license or anyone in need for the skilled individual.

Preparation Help

As we have achieved the three licenses by ourselves, we set up the necessary steps for any individual who is interested in taking the license. Of course, you need to take the preparation for the whole license procedure. There are a lot of little things that can be mistaken unconsciously by anyone. We make the path smoother and clear for everyone.

World Class Engineers

Here in SMIL we have the world class engineers who are dedicatedly helping people for a long time and want too take challenges in the electrical world.

Adequate Knowledge About the Need

We have the fully grasp at what we do. Our skillful engineers and electricians have all the necessary skills to set up the whole electrical designs, construction, renovation and wirings. Obviously, you want some experienced individual or team to make your connection safe and sound. Yes, we fit in exactly this part and you will also have the assured connection and design.


A well-designed electrical wiring set up will not be perfect for you if the design is not effective for you. Your electrical set up should be organized according to your requirements. That’s what our team believes in. We certainly care about your personal preferences and we love to serve the best solution for you.

Viva Preparation for The Enthusiasts

There are a few criteria for the local and international ABC Electrical Licensing. One of them is the viva, and this is where you will be confirmed as a professional electrician supervisor. We understand the need for the supervision and advisory for the We prepare interested individuals for the viva separately. 

Benefits of ABC Electric License 

Hands-on Training

ABC Electric License is one of those licensing programs where you will be trained up with on-spot training. This makes the whole journey quite practical. One of the pre-requisites of the course is the basic knowledge of electrical courses. Of course, you already know a lot of things about the basics. What you need is hands-on training. This license is all about hands-on training.


It is really hard to manage time for starting a new course. ABC Electrical License will not take a lot of time to finish. You can start the licensing at any time of your career. This is also a less time-consuming course as well. 

Basic to Professional

This license will make you go through from the fundamental level of electrical course material to the supervisor level techniques. It clears up so many confusions that you might have and it will most certainly help you in the team management and supervising aspect.


The ABC Electrical License is way too affordable and less time-consuming. You can start the course anytime you want, and you can continue anytime you want. 

Regular Practice

You will be familiar with the current and consistent practices in the market. Electrical designs change from time to time. As a professional electrician, you need to be updated with the current methods. Depending on the needs and effectiveness, the designs also vary. You need to have a bright idea for all of it. ABC Electrical License will let you go through the current trends of the electrical world. 


You will be familiar with the team management and the workflow categorization.

SMIL will also provide you the clear guideline for the future career path and the other suggestions regarding the license.

Yes, you need to have a diploma or bachelor’s in engineering. (May vary)

 No, this license will cost you a little. This is not a free licensing. 

Yes, depending on the academic background, you need to have minimal experience for the license.

Yes, you can renew your license at a specific time.

Yes, you can apply for one or more categories at the same time.